Anglican Mainstream on Greenbelt

I don’t think you could have missed the furore over the past few days since Anglican Mainstream published a critique of CMS’ involvement in Greenbelt. CMS’ response was short and succint, essentially implying that the nature of Greenbelt has changed over the past decades and that their presence does not indicate endorsement of all that goes on. Comment has been thick and furious, on the Fulcrum forum, in the church media and even inside the skirting boards of the land.

Now Mainstream have responded and asked a number of interesting questions:

For the sake of the thousands of young people and young families who come to Greenbelt we are asking

a)  That in the market place a fair opportunity be given for those who present a biblically orthodox position on issues of sexuality to have equal airtime and opportunity. Since Gene Robinson is speaking, then why not invite Jeffrey Satinover or Robert Gagnon? And as there are at least three other publicly-known champions of and advocates for the LGBT agenda, there should be at least three other orthodox ones. Will Greenbelt allow a platform speaker to say that same-sex sexual practice is wrong?

b) That where Lesbian and Gay organizations are leading worship or exhibiting, similar opportunities should be given to organizations of those who are so called “ex- or post-gays”.  These people exist and are willing to speak as was evidenced on BBC 1’s The Big Question on Sunday July 4th.

What do we think? It might be useful to read the entirety of the Mainstream response as they raise issues around the role of orthodox Christian organisations in a “market-place” like Greenbelt.

Incidentally, for those from Greenbelt who might have wandered over here, read Mainstream’s questions and then worked out what this site is all about, there’s a contact form on the top of the page. Know what I mean?

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