Where were you?

I was doing some consultancy for a bank in London. When we heard the news about the first plane we stopped and turned to the TVs, just in time to see the second plane go into the tower. I have never before or since heard so many people swear so much in such a short space of time.

Where were you?

Video H/T Tory Bear. For those who like the gory detail, this timeline is fascinating.

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  1. This was the day my mother died. I had received an early morning call from her nursing home, and spent a frustrating morning trying to phone my family who were all at work, but nobody was at their desk or where they should have been. I found out later that they were all watching the news on the staff room TV, which I had not yet heard. So not a day I will forget in a hurry.

  2. I was having a siesta when my mother woke me to make me come down and watch it on the telly. I felt at the time, and much more so later, that this was quite pointless given how often they showed the same dratted film clips over and over again in the following weeks.

  3. I was in Argos in Nottingham. Second day of the legal practice course. People were saying “Manhatten is on fire” – we were staring at the television screens.

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