Anglican Website Rankings – October 2009

It’s that time of the month when we update the Anglican website rankings so we can see what’s happening out there in the AugustinoethersphereTM! This table shows the top 40 sites with changes since this time last month.

No change at the top, but as we get more new entries the gaps in Alexa ranks between sites further down the table is getting narrower and narrower. Some big names have also begun to drop off the bottom.

Do add any sites in the comments that you think I’ve missed.


Position Website Alexa Traffic Rank
1 Episcopal Church Official Site 177,565
2 Stand Firm in Faith 183,379
3 Virtue Online 236,607
4 Church Times 266,117
5 Titus One Nine 379,303
6 Episcopal Café 400,062 ▲1
7 Sydney Anglicans 425,519 â–²3
8 Archbishop Cranmer 434,932 â–¼2
9 MidWest Conservative Journal 487,022 â–¼1
10 An Exercise in the Fundamentals of Orthodoxy 571,650 â–¼1
11 Anglican Mainstream 579,872 â–²1
12 Revise Reform 626,290 New
13 Perpetua of Carthage 632,608 â–¼2
14 Clay Boy 635,050 New
15 Anglican Curmudgeon 699,029 â–¼1
16 Thinking Anglicans 733,429
17 Of course, I could be wrong 844,883 New
18 The Archbishop of Canterbury 856,356 â–¼1
19 BabyBlueCafe 957,117 â–¼6
20 St. Aidan to Abbey Manor 1,089,001 â–²3
21 Fulcrum 1,107,592 â–¼3
22 Northern Plains Anglicans 1,231,024 â–¼7
23 Bishop Alan Wilson 1,234,065 â–²1
24 The Ugley Vicar 1,241,340 â–²1
25 Not Another Episcpal Church Blog 1,314,258 New
26 Gentle Wisdom 1,385,016 â–¼4
27 Creedal Christian 1,387,471 New
28 The Church Mouse 1,508,606
29 David Ould 1,551,166 â–¼9
30 Maggi Dawn 1,572,093
31 Covenant Communion 1,588,042 â–¼10
32 Anglican Down Under 1,625,869 â–¼5
33 The Church Society 1,690,782 â–¼7
34 Cranmer’s Curate 1,901,723 â–²3
35 Bishop Nick Baines’ Blog 1,935,183 â–²3
36 Anglican Church League 2,098,859 â–¼1
37 Susan Russell 2,2730,310 â–¼3
38 Integrity Blog 2,767,137 â–¼5
39 George Conger 2,813,101 â–¼10
40 GAFCON 3,450,120

2 Comments on “Anglican Website Rankings – October 2009

  1. Peter, much as I appreciate the Ugley Vicar Blog being in these rankings, I can’t help wondering at the value, or otherwise of Alexa. According to them, a third of my web traffic comes from Slovenia and Belgium, whereas according to Sitemeter my non-UK traffic comes mostly from the USA and Australia. Without wishing to disparage my European readers, this does seem more likely, and makes me wonder what exactly Alexa is measuring.

    Incidentally, according to Wikio, mine is also the 222nd top ‘general’ blog in the country – something I find also hard to believe.

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