Anglican Website Rankings – September

It’s that time of the month when we update the Anglican website rankings so we can see what’s happening out there in the AugustinoethersphereTM! This table shows the top 40 sites with changes since this time last month.

There’s been quite a lot of movement around the bottom of the table, with some sites dropping off (FoCA, Gadget Vicar, ACO and others) and some new entries from some Australian websites and the Church Society. The big losers are Preludium and Susan Russell with David Keen and John Richardson (the Ugley Vicar) moving quickly up the table. At the top David Virtue and the Church Times have bumped up in front of Kendall Harmon. Overall, the table is a lot tighter with some positions separated by very few Alexa ranking points.

Do add any sites in the comments that you think I’ve missed.


Position Website Alexa Traffic Rank
1 Episcopal Church Official Site 163,451
2 Stand Firm in Faith 188,022
3 Virtue Online 267,930 â–²1
4 Church Times 276.693 â–²1
5 Titus One Nine 324,373 â–¼2
6 Archbishop Cranmer 405,877
7 Episcopal Café 419,309
8 MidWest Conservative Journal 432,269 â–²1
9 An Exercise in the Fundamentals of Orthodoxy 503,045 â–¼1
10 Sydney Anglicans 504,350
11 Perpetua of Carthage 589,082
12 Anglican Mainstream 688,765 â–²1
13 BabyBlueCafe 734,310 â–¼1
14 Anglican Curmudgeon 931,631
15 Northern Plains Anglicans 974,614
16 Thinking Anglicans 980,397
17 The Archbishop of Canterbury 990,096 â–²1
18 Fulcrum 1,178,520 â–²1
19 Anglican Ecumenical Society 1,220,057 â–²1
20 David Ould 1,252,920 â–¼3
21 Covenant Communion 1,417,714
22 Gentle Wisdom 1,464,118 â–²4
23 St. Aidan to Abbey Manor 1,592,567 â–²6
24 Bishop Alan Wilson 1,602,389 â–¼2
25 The Ugley Vicar 1,624,029 â–²6
26 The Church Society 1,625,921 New
27 Anglican Down Under 1,659,904 New
28 The Church Mouse 1,716,525 â–¼3
29 George Conger 1,748,564 â–¼6
30 Maggi Dawn 1,963,285 â–¼1
31 Global South Anglican 2,097,014 â–¼1
32 Preludium 2,250,943 â–¼8
33 Integrity Blog 2,423,374 â–¼1
34 Susan Russell 2,482,117 â–¼7
35 Anglican Church League 2,699,876 New
36 Anglican TV 2,758,856 â–¼3
37 Cranmer’s Curate 2,791,427 â–²1
38 Bishop Nick Baines’ Blog 2,916,551 â–¼3
39 Integrity USA 2,957,852 â–¼2
40 GAFCON 3,172,619 â–¼6

13 Comments on “Anglican Website Rankings – September

  1. Sorry to hear that Gadgetvicar has fallen off. I doubt any of the blogs higher up the list have anything to rival David’s recent superb coverage of U2’s glasgow concert!

  2. Hi Peter,

    Thanks so much for keeping this up, although it does make me realize I haven’t been posting much these days.

    Two sites that I would like to request you consider adding to the list are Creedal Christian and Not Another Episcopal Church Blog. The author of Creedal Christian is an Episcopal priest in Mississippi. The author of Not Another Episcopal Church Blog is an Episcopal pew sitter in South Carolina.

    Creedal Christian
    current Alexa traffic rank 1,384,122

    Not Another Episcopal Church Blog
    current Alexa traffic rank 1,406,085

  3. where’s MadPriest? He would easily be in your top ten by most traffic counters… (his blog is called Of COurse I could Be Wrong) and he’s definitely an anglican!

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