Uganda’s Anti Homosexuality Bill

Ugandan FlagI’ve received a few emails asking me to make my position clear on the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill currently going through their legislature. Let me be absolutely clear in case anybody doubts, I find the idea of introducing a death penalty for committing homosexual acts and imprisonment for simply self-identifying as gay completely abhorent. It is a completely unScriptural idea that being same-sex attracted is immoral in and of itself. Furthermore, if the aim of the Bill is to help those who are gay “come to their senses” (as I have heard some try to defend it), how can any effective pastoral care actually be offered if the moment someone confesses to their pastor, that pastor is under a legal obligation to hand them over to the authorities?

If you want to know more then visit and join the Facebook group set up to help apply pressure on the Uganda parliament. I’m pleased to see that this group has managed to create a very broad coalition to work against this legislation.

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