Behold the Twurch

It is finally unleashed!!!!

Twurch of England IconMouse currently follows around 70 people in this Twitter stream, including one Archbishop (John Sentamu) and nine bishops (Alan Wilson, David Hamid, David Rossdale, David Tomson, Lee Rayfield, Mike Hill, Nick Baines, Pete Broadbent and Steven Croft). Mouse provides his readers with an occasional top 10 tweeters in the Twurch, based on statistics from Twitter Gradr.

Then Mouse had an idea.

The thing about the sidebar widget is that it is not very engaging. It does not really let you get involved in the conversation – the exact opposite of Twitter. So Mouse recruited vicar, tweeter and geek Rev Peter Ould to help build something a little more fun.

The Twurch of England website now allows you to follow the conversation in real time and log-in to twitter and get involved. The site has a blog, where Mouse will offer up his periodic stats and other views on what the Twurch is discussing, but also hopes that it will be an ‘open blog’, where the majority of posts will come from others who want to discuss how the church is engaging with those outside it. You can grab the side-bar widget for your own blog / website too.

I’m terribly proud of my latest creation. Why don’t you pop over there and be impressed? Of course, it would be today that Twitter decided to have major issues with its API.

2 Comments on “Behold the Twurch

  1. “Oops, an error seems to have occurred. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused. If the error persists, feel free to tell us about it.

    Twitter could not be reached, the server response code was: 400”

    Almost uncannily like a real church: the technology has fallen over! ;-)

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