Andrew Marin in the UK

As I’ve mentioned before, Andrew Marin is coming to the UK around Easter time for Spring Harvest. He was last here in 2009 and he’s just begun publishing an interesting series of videos he recorded during that trip to Blighty. Here’s the first, together with his comments.

I will be extrapolating on the broader overviews I took away from this trip regarding the GLBT-conservative religious relationship in the UK throughout this series, but for now here is a short video of me in Brighton outside of, what I am told, is the most popular gay club in the gay capitol of the UK. I think it’s a fitting start because that is where I started my immersion within the States. Yes, I can be a little sentimental.   :)

Coming up in this series are a few video interviews with some young lesbians in Brighton and a gay Christian leader I met with in London, as well as some thoughts I was asked to write about the differences between the culture war in the States vs. UK, for a UK publication.

I will be back in the UK throughout the month of April speaking at Spring Harvest, one of the largest Christian conferences anywhere: over 45,000 people will attend throughout their five different sites, of which I will be ushered from site to site over the course of three weeks. I’m really looking forward to learning and interacting more with everyone in the UK to help this bridge building movement continue!

Do go over to his site and share your thoughts about the UK scene, particularly with regard to how the conservative church interacts with the GLBT community within and without the church. I for one am excited about Marin being at Spring Harvest as like me he is less concerned with fighting a culture war and more interested in simply loving people and having real conversations about human sexuality. More on that to come folks!

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