Monday Morning Ponderable

This is really true.

More than ever perhaps :

• Space is at a premium.
• Time is at a premium.
• Cash is at a premium.

Hence the need for the –

‘ Easy Inter Burial Container ‘

For which a new US patent was granted yesterday.
‘ This invention relates to conserving land area and easy to install burial containers which can be pressed, agitated, screwed, self bored or by other means set into earth or other receiving materials and do not require a large amount of land area or a large pre-dug rectangular hole with subsequent refilling after the placement of the burial container. ‘
The screw-into-the-ground casket will use only one third of the normal space required – and ‘ bores its own final hole ‘ with assitance either by hand :

or, even more rapidly, with a specially adapted tractor backhoe.

• Full details of US pat. 7,631,404 here

• Previous patent app. with drawings here

Yes, you read that right – a new US patent was granted yesterday. Crikey…

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