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  1. Hi Peter,

    mostly out of nosiness, is the panel discussion being recorded, and/or would you think it appropriate to blog about what's said (by you and others) afterwards?

    in friendship, Blair

    • Blair,

      I believe that the panel will be recorded, but I'll try to confirm this for you later. I might be doing another one in Skegness next week as well – I'll let you know.

      • Thanks Peter. If it is recorded do you know if it's then available to buy from the Spring Harvest website? ….OK, I'll go and look for myself :)
        Who else is on the panel apart from you and Andrew Marin by the way?

        in friendship, Blair

  2. Unfortunately I'll be down at Minehead for Spring Harvest next week so won't get the chance to hear you or meet up. Hope it goes well and I'll keep an ear out for any recording. BTW what kit are you playing in the blog picture? I've got a Premier kit with the same chrome finish which I've had since 1979.

    • I'm not sure what kit it is. Was playing at a friend's 50th Birthday bash. Spent almost two hours playing and woke up the following morning in absolute agony in my arms!

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