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Pastoral Support

A few weeks before Easter I wrote to every Diocesan Bishop (or acting Diocesan) to ask a straightforward question. If someone who identifies as homosexual was to approach your Diocese to ask for support in maintaining a life of celibacy,

RIP Revd John Richardson

Revd John Richardson, “the Ugley Vicar” died this morning in hospital after a short illness. Pray for his wife Alison and give thanks for the life of a faithful servant of Jesus. At this time of sorrow the Lord is

When to Tell

Panorama on the BBC tonight had a report that promotes the notion that the Government should make it illegal not to report child abuse suspicions. Teachers and other professionals who do not report child abuse suspicions should face prosecution, the

Coming Out

New blogger Matthew Franklin Jones talks about the need to share your story. A major weakness of American (conservative) Christianity has been the tendency to respond to LGBTQ people and their stories with bloodless dogma. LGBTQ people are often kept

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Review – Five Paths to Wholeness

As I have the pleasure and privilege of talking to those Christians who experience same-sex attraction and want to live a chaste life faithful to the clear teachings of Scripture, I increasingly find that different solutions to the questions that

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Cardinal O’Brien – What’s the Real Issue?

Extraordinary news this weekend as Cardinal O’Brien, the most senior Roman Catholic priest in the United Kingdom, admitted “ there have been times that my sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me as a priest, archbishop and cardinal”.

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