Catching Up

As you’ve noticed, I’ve been away for a few days. Popping back to Spring Harvest in Skegness next week to do some more stuff with Andrew Marin, but in the meantime here’s some things that have caught my eye.

Clayboy wrote a magnificent piece on the power of the Resurrection.

A resurrection which does not transform the fleshly dead body of Jesus into whatever exactly is a body fitted for existence beyond the only universe in which we know either bodies and existence – a resurrection which does not transform this stuff-ness of created materiality – is a resurrection entirely at odds with the incarnation. It is escape from this world to another, it is physical existence left behind, it is spirit freed from matter. It is, in short, the fundamental mistake which tempted many early Christians, that the body is a tomb from which we need to escape.

Go and read the rest of it – it’s totally brilliant.

Andrew Goddard has started a history of the LGBT movement in TEC. Heavy reading but really useful stuff.

Oh, and if you hadn’t noticed, the General Election is now formally under way in the UK. More on that to come I’m sure…

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