Jennifer Knapp Comes Out

I thought these thoughts from Randy Thomas were actually quite useful.

I have a feeling Jennifer isn’t clueless that most Christians believe homosexual behavior is sin.  I just wonder if anyone ever offered to share with her a redemptive view of sexuality instead of being heavy handed on condemning the behavior.  To ask Jennifer to “repent” is to ask her to give up her hard fought battle to reconcile her life to herself.  It’s to ask her to sacrifice two of the biggest investments in her life (her partner and identity.)  That is no small thing and should not be treated lightly.

Temptations, if they are of any worth as temptations, usually latch on to a legitimate need and point to sinful behavior as a way to meet those needs.  However, in Christ, temptations are also an opportunity to recognize legitimate needs and pursue meeting those needs in biblically appropriate ways.  Jesus was tempted in every way but never sinned.  His Spirit can empower us to discover, learn and implement ways to meet our needs and turn away from sin.  Right now, and not knowing her personally, it would seem that Jennifer is seeking to meet her needs in the only way she knows how or feels is an option.  God understands this and I have no doubt is working in her life to provide His redemptive perspective.

Later I thought about this person saying Jennifer was offending a Holy God.  That irritated me at the time and didn’t quite know what to say without getting upset.  So I was silent in the conversation but I wished I had said that instead of God manifesting in all His glowing glory and declaring how offended He is, He manifested as Jesus Christ.  He didn’t cross His golden robed arms, roll His heavenly focused eyes and snarkily guffaw a lightning bolt out of His mouth to express his offense.  A tortured, grieving Jesus willingly outstretched His arms and was nailed to a cross. As He died, He didn’t lament how badly His Bride, His Church, was treating Him.  He asked the Father to forgive us for we know not what we have done.

If anyone had a right to abandon everyone who offended him, Jesus was that person.  But He didn’t.  Instead He paid the highest price possible to forgive us in spite of us.

Jennifer says she knows the Lord.  I assume that is true.  And if it is true, He never lets go.  He wants her and her partner (all of us) to know that He offers a greater love than we could ever imagine or think.  His love outshines any human love and can satiate any soul.

Lord, empower us to invest our love wisely … starting with You. Amen.

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  1. I didn't even know who she was and had to google the name!

    I feel admiration for her courage and integrity in coming out in a potentially difficult environment and career. I pray that people will find the grace to act with respect towards her and her partner and I pray that God blesses their relationship richly.

  2. "I pray that people will find the grace to act with respect towards her and her partner"

    Individually, as human beings, sure. As a couple they should be treated like all who rebel against God: with out prayers and pity.

    "I pray that God blesses their relationship richly"

    You mean like He "blessed" the relationships of Ellen Degeneres, Rosie O'Donnell, Melissa Etheridge, Anne Heche and Linsay Lohan?

  3. The video is a great illustration of the confusion of the subjective and objective:

    Bob: "this is a sinful relationship" versus
    Jennifer: "don't judge me".

    Does Jennifer not realize that stating that something is a sin is not judging? If, in another situation she was talking about something that she saw as clearly sinful, would she think she was "judging" if she said that it was a sin? I don't think so!

    She would reply that she was not judging, she was just saying that it was clear to her that God did not approve of that behaviour etc and, therefore, that it was sinful… how God deals with the person who does what she thinks is sinful is up to God – he is the only judge!

    Anyway, just look at the example of Jesus and the Apostles. A significant part of the Gospels is taken up with Jesus telling his disciples what we should and shouldn't do, and a significant part of the Epistles is taken up with the Apostles telling the churches what they should and shouldn't do.

    What are disciples anyway if they don't want to learn and follow their teacher?!

    If we want to be Christians, we have to accept that God has the right to say what is right and wrong.. And that be follower of Jesus doesn't just mean to believe theoretically… belief in practice means to (try to) follow Him!

    You can't follow the Jesus of the Bible by doing something that is, biblically speaking, sinful.

  4. Whooa – let he/she who is without sin caste the first stone. ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God. People in all walks of life sadly treat who/what they do not have true facts on with contempt. (See Jonah and Ninevah) As someone from Love Won Out said of the Church "It is easier to fight for our morals standards than it is to live up to them"…..the Church should be a 'safe place' for all who are in pain not a rejecter.

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