Not much blogging going on

Would love to write some deep meaningful ponderings for you to pick over, but I’m afraid I’ll be away for a huge chunk of this week. How will you cope? Quite adequately I guess…

Where am I going? The picture is a clue – you can now all speculate wildly what I’m doing there.

But not too wildly mind you. We are Anglican after all.

6 Comments on “Not much blogging going on

  1. I'll resist the temptation to say "Hello, sailor!" ;-)

    M6 has a soft toy version of the Spinnaker Tower. Very cute: worth looking out for one for Reuben if you get the chance.

    Hope whatever Mystery Task you are engaged in (that may or may not have anything to do with Church Times advertisements) goes well. :-)
    My recent post Atonement as liturgy, not theory

  2. Sadly, others in other places won't resist that temptation. Cue a flurry of blog posts from some liberals making various allusions to my sex life. *sigh*

  3. I am wondering if you have at least had access to television and/or internet while down there to keep up with the political news! Interesting times–and a tough time to be away from the blog, no doubt! I burnt the dinner while trying to keep up with the news coverage on the television in the living room, of cars wending their way through Westminster to and from Buckingham Palace!

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