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Review – Faith Confirmed

Do you know how some books are just visually, well, what’s the words, how do I put it? Gorgeous. That’s it. Gorgeous. Do you know how some books are just visually gorgeous? Do you know how with some books from

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I’m Sorry

Autotune heaven. If you’re not a Brit, you will have NO clue what this is all about…

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David Cameron’s Favourite Bible Verses

A lovely touchy-feely story in the Guardian today about David Cameron’s favourite Bible verses. For someone who once likened his religious faith to the “patchy reception of Magic FM in the Chilterns: it sort of comes and goes”, David Cameron‘s public professions of

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Back to Church Sunday

From the Revd Peter Ould The edge of St Albans Diocese Canterbury Province Dear Church of England Media Team, I am delighted that you have produced a radio advert for Back to Church Sunday. Let’s pass over the fact that

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Not much blogging going on

Would love to write some deep meaningful ponderings for you to pick over, but I’m afraid I’ll be away for a huge chunk of this week. How will you cope? Quite adequately I guess… Where am I going? The picture

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Saturday Question

Who said the following? I call myself a Christian. I believe in Jesus, I believe in what Jesus did and in the absolution of sins. I believe that he put himself on the cross to take away human sins, in

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