4Thought.tv – Amazing Grace

I’ve been loving the new 4Thought series on Channel 4, short personal stories of faith in 21st Century Britain. Last week saw 7 stories about Amazing Grace. Brilliant!

Unfortunately you can’t embed the videos, but I’ve created a playlist on YouTube which lets you watch them all in sequence. Click here to watch them and then tell me what you think.

And yes, one or two of you have noticed that I did a spot of filming two weeks ago…

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  1. I didn't know you were on TV–hadn't even heard of the series until now! Did you notice the links provided under 'Viewer Support' if you click just under your photo on the Channel 4 website?? They are all pro-gay links. Surprise, surprise. Why no links to post-gay groups? Living Waters? etc. etc. Here's the list they offer for 'viewer support':

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