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Jonathan Merritt’s Testimony

Just to add another testimony into the mix, here’s celibate Jonathan Merritt who was famously outed recently. When I was about 10 years old, the isolation of my pain almost killed me as thoughts of suicide plagued my mind. I

James Parker’s Testimony

It’s powerful stuff. I guess I became straight by accident. It was never a grand plan; the therapy was an attempt to resolve commitment issues, rather than sexual identity. I never had any desire to change my sexuality. But that’s

I am Second

Fascinating in the light of everything else that is going on.

Telling my Story

A great post by Andrew Asdell. Celibacy isn’t a word we use a whole lot these days. It is a ‘churchy’  word that means a person will not engage in any sexual intimacy for either a period of time or

The Unlikely Convert

Here’s an hour long interview with Rosaria Butterfield, the author of a fantastic new book. Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert is currently only available in the UK as a Kindle Book, but at a great price. [amazon_enhanced asin=”B0097G05F8″ container=””

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Kinda Sorta Yeah Not Gay

We seem to be going back over the “identity” issues in our recent comments (in part as a reaction to Vaughan Roberts “coming out” but refusing to accept the label “gay”), so to stir the pot some more, here’s a

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