Heart Speaks Unto Heart

I’ve just posted this on the Twurch of England blog.

Here at the Twurch of England we applaud all things technical and religious, as long as they are done well. In the light of this, we are delighted by the website that has been setup to accompany the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the UK.

We wanted to know where and when Mr Ratzinger would be in town – easy to find, including explicit details on where to see the Pope Mobile! We wondered if we could follow details on Twitter – not a problem. We fancied downloading a snazzy new desktop for our computer, or seeing about the possibilities of web banners – easy peasy. In a theological moment we were even curious to learn a bit more about the beatification of John Henry Newman – curiosity satisfied. Unlike Damian Thompson, we even liked the design for the sanctuary for the beatification service.

All in all, we thought that the Papal Visit website was absolutely superb. But then the inevitable happened – we discovered this, the official “youth song” to go with the visit.

Please be assured, the Church Mouse will be out of therapy in a few weeks time and back to normal. Ish.

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  1. I'm sitting in a library so I'm forbidden from listening to the "youth song." Which is perhaps too bad since I'm a "youth." However, judging by the keyboardist on the left's hat, I'm probably not missing anything. ;-)

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