Review – Dysciples

Stick your hand up if like me as a child you used to dream of flying. The idea of being a superhero, unbound by the normal constraints of humanity is appealing, and sometimes we think that being a Christian should unleash within us extraordinary powers of discipleship. The reality brings us down to earth with a bump – we are flawed human beings who don’t come up to the mark.

Dysciples is written for anybody who has felt like this at one time or another. Krish Kandiah, Executive Director of Churches in Mission for the EA takes us through events in the life of Peter the Apostle and explains how feeling less than 100% in your walk of faith is perfectly normal. In some sense this is entry level discipleship, and it certainly won’t find any friends in the heretical “health and wealth” camp, but in 13 chapters Krish takes us through the basics of how the Christian life is not only full of ups and downs but also ripe with challenges and excitements. Of course, the simple truth is that much of the excitement of following Jesus never grips us because we in turn don’t seize the challenges laid before us. Equally, Krish is not averse to pointing out sometimes following Jesus means accepting a dose of humility, realising that He is so much bigger then we are and we need to let go of some of our misconceptions.

I guess if there’s one niggle I have about the book is that it doesn’t go deep enough, but then it’s not intending to. I was left feeling that I would be happy to give this to a new Christian or someone who had been happily coasting along for a while and then come to a slow halt, but for many the place where they are in their walk with God is way beyond what is offered here. I’m tempted to suggest that I should team up with Krish to write the sequel – “Die-sciple – Why has God not done anything for years and things keep on getting worse?” Perhaps we should find a long dark night to write that one?

All in all though, a highly creditable read and certainly one to take around the home group for the well thought out study material at the end of each chapter. Be prepared though for it to raise some deeper questions that the book doesn’t have space to deal with.

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