I Promised Myself – Anatomy of a Remix

First, the original. Part Hi NRG, part early Euro Vocal House, part Stock Aitken and Waterman, you can tell it’s got that House influence but it’s too early (this was produced in 1989) to really be modern Trance / House.

Cue 14 years later and the 2004 official remix. Lying somewhere between Classic and Progressive Trance and at times, if you let it, it could convince you it was Euphoric Prog House. You can instantly understand the trance potential that this song had a decade and a half earlier. The original wasn’t anywhere near my flightcases, but I could fill a floor with the chorus in this towards the end of a set. The sequence up to 2’10” and then beyond is pure Anthemic Prog heaven. I used to mix this into the Transa Remix of Art of Trance’s Madagascar and it worked beautifully as the calm before the storm transiting a set into full blown trance.

And then we have this. Bllllhhhhhhhhh. The A-Teens version is a Happy House / JPop monstrosity with shades of Nu Italo Disco. It’s like they took the half-decent original and converted it into a Tweenie-friendly love child of the Gummibears. Everything about it screams out “recorded in half a day by people who didn’t care since they were on a conveyer-belt of pure saccharine”. This is the evolutionary dead-end branch of this song. I apologise for even letting you listen to it once.

As a contrast, you might not like the Basshunter version of the track, but you can easily understand how it is the ultimate destination of the original. Abandoning the EuroTrance of the 2004 remix, Basshunter have gone German Trance with even a hint of Hard Acid. Resist the temptation though to label this EuroDance – it’s not and never will be.

There you have it, the evolutionary tree of a song.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, this and this might begin to help. Normal service resumes tomorrow.

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