Reasonable and Holy

My copy of this book by Tobias Haller that a number of commenters have been pointing to has arrived in the post. Give me a few days to digest it before you ask me what I think.

Reasonable and Holy addresses the conflict over homosexuality within the Anglican tradition, demonstrating that the church is able to provide for and support faithful and loving relationships between persons of the same sex, not as a departure from that tradition, but as a reasonable extension of it.

“Some will not be willing to take this journey, fully convinced of the rightness of the so-called traditional view on one hand, or the pointlessness of trying to demonstrate the obvious need and rationale for change in that tradition on the other. But I hope that a review of the tradition itself may open up some avenues for fruitful exploration.”

Tobias Stanislas Haller, of the Brothers of St Gregorym is Vicar of St James Epsicopal Church, Fordham, in New York City. The author invites readers to comment on his new work and participate in the ongoing discussion at

Well, let’s see about that! If you want your own copy, where better to buy it but here.


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