Shahbaz Bhatti – Martyr

Shabaz Bhatti – Martyred earlier today

As a Christian, I believe Jesus is my strength. He has given me a power and wisdom and motivation to serve suffering humanity. I follow the principles of my conscience, and I am ready to die and sacrifice my life for the principles I believe.
Shabaz Bhatti

The glorious company of the Apostles praise thee.
The goodly fellowship of the Prophets praise thee.
The noble army of Martyrs praise thee.
The holy Church throughout all the world
doth acknowledge thee;
The Father of an infinite Majesty;
Thine honourable, true and only Son;
Also the Holy Ghost the Comforter.

We therefore pray thee, help thy servants
whom thou hast redeemed with thy precious blood.
Make them to be numbered with thy Saints in glory everlasting.

5 Comments on “Shahbaz Bhatti – Martyr

  1. Thank you Lord for the life and testimony of this brave Christian servant. His work is complete and he is now at rest. 'The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church'.

    In my view it would really help our witness if conservative Christians reflected on the context, life and service of such saints before claiming that they are 'persecuted' in the UK.

  2. He laid down his life for the cause of his brothers and sisters in Pakistan. May the Lord give him eternal peace and give his family the courage to face this loss.

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