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In Conversation…

I have been invited to join Steve Chalke on Sunday at Christ Church Woking to discuss the theme “How can we be a Jesus-shaped church whilst profoundly disagreeing on the issue of same sex relationships?“. The conversation will be chaired

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Newsnight on the London Letter

You can watch it here for the next seven days if you have access to iPlayer. Do you know what the most disappointing part of this whole piece was? The way both studio guests completely failed to take us to the

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Jesus and Me

Totally unembarrassed that I love this track.

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It’s All About Jesus

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Jesus the Comedian

As always, Driscoll is spot on.

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Gay Family Bashing

Interesting video over at Shawn’s site. What do we think? Should there be a right to express one’s opinion in public when working? Where does the boundary between freedom of speech and respect lie? For the record, not sure that

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