Changing Attitude Misrepresent the Kirk Sexuality Report

In the latest blog post from Changing Attitude, the penultimate paragraph makes the following assertion.

The Church of Scotland’s General Assembly meeting on Monday held a significant debate on questions relating to ministers in same-sex relationships and also with regard to ministers who are looking to bless couples in same-sex relationships. They have made a very modest step forward, according to Kelvin Holdsworth, Dean of St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow. It was a triumph of process rather than a triumph for the gay cause.

A report about gay clergy commissioned for Monday’s meeting acknowledged that homosexuality is something people are born with, not something they choose.

Really? Did it? Here’s what the report from the Church of Scotland, specially commissioned to look into the issue of a biological basis of homosexuality, actually said.

At present however we do not understand the relative contributions of biological and environmental factors to sexual orientation.
Page 28

Perhaps it was the Executive Summary that Changing Attitude were referring to?

In conclusion, it is not possible on the currently available scientific evidence to make an unequivocal statement about the origin of human sexual orientation. The evidence that exists is consistent with, but does not prove, the hypothesis that human sexual orientation is caused by biological factors … a role of other non-biological factors cannot be excluded at present.
Page 2

Perhaps Colin Coward would like to tell us (I know he reads this blog) exactly where in the Kirk report it claims that “homosexuality is something people are born with”? I can’t see it and my reading of the report says that the authors, whilst moving towards the position that there is a (possible very) large biological component to homosexuality (and this would adhere to my position and also the current scientific consensus), very clearly express caution at asserting that it is unequivocally something that people are simply “born with”.

As an aside, the new Changing Attitude website is superb and a great example of what can be achieved with WordPress. Great new logo as well – someone understands branding very well.

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