Slightly Chuffed

We’re a tad cock-a-hoop over at the Twurch.

Apparently the Twurch is number four in the New Statesman list of the Top Ten Christian blogs!

Blog of the Twurch of England, a website that aggregates all the twitter feeds relating to the Church of England. Podcasts and other multimedia available, and blog posts often involve guest loggers from other popular Anglican blogs.

Think they meant “bloggers”. Much kudos also to our own Church Mouse who came in the gold medal position! All in all, a great performance for the Twurch. Now all we have to do is bring you another high-quality interview with another mover and shaker in the world of the Augistinoetherwebsphere. We’re working on it…

In the meantime, book your tickets for OpenSource this Friday in Central London. Open Source is a forum dedicated to connecting people who meet at the crossroads of technology and theology. Expect deep insight from people who dabble in doctrine and major in robotics, geniuses who write philosophy during the week and design software at the weekend. It’s a chance to explore the digital future stretched out before us and an opportunity to connect and network with other gadget lovers, digital marketers and media moguls.  Not enough for you? There’ll also have input from great speakers and a panel plus a chance to chat and share ideas over food.

Not bad huh? Trying to get to OpenSource this Friday so if you’re planning to be there, let me know!

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