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      • Ultimate Fighting Jesus…moronic fratboy…idiotic cultural constructs of masculinity…Jesus punching people in the face…hypocrite because he's wearing make-up.

        It's OK, ryan, I've done your comment ;-)


        • Hey it's my birthday today, be nice!! ;-)

          In all seriousness, some conservatives like Peter explain in depth why particular sexual acts are contrary to God's will and can never be approved of, but that conservatives should also not deserve inane stereotypes around sexuality. All that good work is somewhat negated when Driscoll, who very much does traffic in fratboy stereotypes, is held up (or implicitly positioned) as being on the same ideological team. I quote Driscoll's own words for a reason.

          One might disagree with the current Pontiff maintaining Catholic Teaching on homosexuality, but there's a world of difference between his nuanced language and theological expertise and Driscoll's inanities. 'Being culturally relevant' should not cover all sins.

  1. So, according to Driscoll's nominally Biblical understanding of gender, drinking "lattes", using "hair product" and liking "soccer" are sinfully effeminate, but makeup is not? Interesting ;-)

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