Effective Mission Strategies

From Changing Attitude.

Changing Attitude is also a missionary society. Last Saturday we marched with our banner through central London at the heart of Gay Pride with other Christian groups to communicate the message that God loves ALL and welcomes ALL without judgement.

Changing Attitude is dedicated to Christian witness in accord with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to living from and pouring out in our lives the love which dwells in our hearts.

Gosh, that must have been a powerful personal witness to the power of the Cross to heal and cleanse and forgive sins, a call to repentance from the path that leads to hell and transformation as adopted children of God, filled with the Spirit and called to a life of holiness. How many gave their lives to the Lord on that day? Anybody? Anybody?

As we all know, Christ died so that we may have Civil Partnerships in Church. That was his mission.

On a more serious note (since this is so laughable on the “mission” front), is there anybody who still thinks that walking down a road (like some of us do on Good Friday) is anything to do with evangelism?

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