The ComRes Poll on Abortion Counselling

Courtesy of ComRes, here it is.

Click to access Right_to_Know_-_Data_-_Aug11.pdf

Let me summarise for you. 78% of all those asked agreed that women should have a right to be provided independent counselling from a source that has no financial interest in the conducting of an abortion. 78%. Almost four out of every five people. The ratio of Yes to No was a staggering 13 to 1.

Spin that pro-abortionists.

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  2. Irrespective of the number of people in favour of "independent counselling from a source that has no financial interest" I find the underlying assumption that those currently providing counselling and abortion services can't do both in a thoroughly professional and ethical manner to be entirely specious. It perhaps even implies that women are being bullied into having abortions against their wills – which I find rather insulting to those working in this difficult area and unsupported by any clear evidence.

    Furthermore, it shouldn't need pointing out but few people are 'pro-abortion' just as those who favour the existing law also claim to be just as 'pro-life' as anyone else. It's like war – in an ideal world it wouldn't ever be justified but in ours it clearly often is. I've no problem with ensuring that women get unbiased (not necessarily independent) counselling to help them make their choice – but see no reason at all why this can't happen in our present system. Even better perhaps, not in terms of any bias but in terms of accessibility, would be to provide additional general counselling resources to overstretched GP surgeries.

    I'm dubious about the motives of some behind this present ammendment as I can't avoid the suspicion that their actual motivation is not to counsel vulnerable women with genuine unbiased advice but to further restrict their access to abortion.

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