The Coffin in the Room

This coffin is much smaller than an elephant, but today it serves the same purpose.

Here’s the deal folks. The moment we accept that a child that dies in the womb deserves a full funeral, that it is not simply a blob, not just a mass of cells, not not human, at that point we cannot then justify the murder of a child of the same age. Dear readers, either you have to grieve with me, two years on, the death of my son OR you have to tell me to my face that he was not human and not deserving of my grief.

The moment you have told me that he was human you have blown out of the water any argument you might have that a child of that age can be aborted and that the person who practices the abortion and the person who permits the abortion to take place are not guilty of murder. Of course, equally you might argue that I (and countless other bereaved parents) are getting emotional about nothing, that we really shouldn’t be upset about the removal of a bit of parasitic flesh from inside a woman, parasitic flesh that looks just like its daddy and moves and responds to external stimuli like any independent human being does. That is your prerogative.

The two amendments being proposed today on abortion (the Dorries/Field amendment and the Mensch amendment) do not change the date at which abortions can be performed. They do not change the simple task of having two doctors sign the paperwork required for an abortion to be legally transacted. All they do is ask for the possibility of a small period of space between a woman asking for an abortion and it being carried out, a small period of space for the mother to be able to, if she so desires, to consider questions like those above in an independent and safe environment and to be absolutely sure that she wants to have an abortion regardless. If that means that a few more babies make it full term, in a world full of tiny coffins and prospective parents lining up to adopt how can what is common practice across most of Europe be a bad thing?

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