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Election Results – Initial Analysis

We’ve had six councils declared overnight and the results are showing a definite pattern. Although the UKIP vote is rising quite dramatically across the country, it’s not rising in a targeted manner. Where UKIP have previously not contested a seat they have

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Best EVER Eurovision Song

OK, tonight is the Eurovision Song Contest. For those not familiar with this cultural delight, countries in the European Broadcasting Union submit a song and then we all vote on which is the best. There is absolutely no bias in

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ComRes MPs Poll on Gender Neutral Marriage

Extraordinary. ComRes have released the details of a poll commissioned by C4M that details widespread disinterest and concern amongst MPs of all political persuasion with the Government’s proposals on redefining marriage. Some highlights: 60% of all MPs think the issue

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The ComRes Poll on Abortion Counselling

Courtesy of ComRes, here it is. Let me summarise for you. 78% of all those asked agreed that women should have a right to be provided independent counselling from a source that has no financial interest in the conducting of

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