Osborne Report Published

Back in the 80s, before the publication of “Issues”, the Church of England commissioned a report on homosexuality. The so-called “Osborne Report” (named as such because it’s chair was the Rev June Osborne) was never formally published back then, but has now been released by the CofE. You can download it here or read below.


It’s fascinating reading. The outcome was basically a call for the Church of England to work towards some kind of deeper theology around the area of human sexuality, sexual identity and relationships. The specific recommendations were:

One further immediate thought. There has been much comment elsewhere about how this report was essentially junked and then Issues in Human Sexuality created. However, it seems clear to me that whilst the House of Bishops did choose not to publish this paper, it did respond to it. Section 349 reads,

and on reflection that is exactly what the House of Bishops did in issuing “Issues” and then over the past two decades increasingly officially enforcing that position at Bishops’ Selection Conferences.

Your thoughts? If you take the time to read the report, what are the bits that stand out to you? Is anything in it prophetic? Is there content that could obviously be revised 30 years on?

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