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This week my work takes me away from home for four days, so little time to blog around what is likely to be a rather interesting session of General Synod. However, in other news I signed a contract this weekend to write a book! I was commissioned as part of a wider series of books (multi-author) which is still a teensy bit under wraps, so no concrete details until a later point. That said, it’s all terribly exciting, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and a nice challenge for 2012.

And there are no prizes, I repeat no prizes, for guessing the subject matter…

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  1. An interesting side study might be something to do with sexuality & Dr Who. When I was first involved on the edges of DWAS, I used to frequent some of he meetings they had at the Fitzroy Tavern in London. The person who first took me explained quite clearly that Dr Who seemed to have a larger number of homosexual fans than national statistics might suggest ( he expressed it a different way, but then it was the 1980s!). Anecdotally this certainly appeared to be the case. I do wonder if this admittedly extremely small sample held something that was true on a larger stage.

    • Interesting! And let’s not forget that RTD’ much-loved reboot of DW shared the same sensibility (well, rimming scenes aside ;-)) of his Queer as Folk (although I maintain that it never rose quite to QaF’s heights, perhaps because DW ultimately required unironic melodrama to end seasons as opposed to QaF’s more playful ironic kind? I’d much rather be trapped in a lift with Vince or even selfish Stuart than Rose or Mickey too). The Doctor is, whatever else one may think of him, “not the marrying kind” [we’re hardly going to get stories about domestic harmony with River Song in Season 7, are we?] with a taste for camp, excitement and vibrant colourful outfits. Hmmm…. ;-)

       I was very excited to hear about Matt Smith being close friends and flatmates with Andrew Garfield aka the new Spider-Man too. One hopes that they both put their costumes on when they went out drinking and chasing girls! :-)


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