Fair and Balanced?

Is there an even-handed approach by newspapers like the Guardian to issues around the fluidity of sexuality? Let’s find out.

Yesterday afternoon Robert Booth at the Guardian published an interview with Peterson Toscano, an “ex-ex-gay”. It’s a friendly interview – it doesn’t ask any critical questions and the first paragraph sets out the tone of the piece.

Peterson Toscano, a 47-year-old American, underwent gay ‘conversion’ therapies for 20 years as he struggled to reconcile his Pentecostal Christianity with homosexual attraction. It devastated his life, cost him tens of thousands of dollars and left him needing a decade of counselling and therapy, he said.

Now, if the Guardian (and Robert Booth) were at all interested in serious journalism they would be willing to do a friendly, uncritical interview with someone who had a positive experience of change therapies and was happy to share their story. IF they were interested in serious journalism that is…

So here’s the challenge. The timer below started at the point that Toscano interview was published. It will continue ticking until the Guardian publishes a friendly, uncritical  interview with someone who has a positive tale of sexual orientation change. How long do you reckon it will keep on ticking for?


I suspect we might wait a long time.

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