C4M – 10 Reasons – Number 2

Here’s Myth number 2.

Myth 2
Marriage has always evolved

Marriage between a man and a woman is not a recent social invention. Everyone knows that marriage predates law, nation and church. It goes back to the dawn of time. Yes, matrimonial law may have been tweaked over the years, but the law has never fundamentally altered the essential nature  of marriage: a lifelong commitment between one man and one woman. Same-sex marriage would rewrite hundreds of years of British legal tradition  and thousands of years of cultural heritage.

Hmmmm….. It’s true that the marriage laws in the eighteenth century helped to formalise the relationship, but marriage as a monogamous relationship between just a man and a woman has a pedigree of centuries if not millennia.

What do we think?

Peter’s Verdict

Reading through the comments below, we can see the kind of debate that *should* be going on in the national conversation. We’re getting to the heart of the issue, what marriage has meant in the past and what it is moving to meaning today.

What is most pleasing is that those who wish to  revise the law recognise, on this thread at least, that introducing gender-neutral marriage will have a profound impact on the way that the marriage law views sex and procreation. Yes, by all means let’s change that but let’s be honest about what we are doing.

Final Outcome – This is a major score for the pro-traditional marriage argument, but it needs to be argued more widely and we need to get proponents of change to admit exactly what will have to change

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