C4M – 10 Reasons – Number 1

This is the start of a blog series looking at the “Ten Reasons” booklet put out by the Campaign for Marriage. I will copy below the reason and then a short commentary. Please do comment below but please stay on the topic of the “reason” that is being discussed. I may delete comments that stray off-topic.

Myth 1
It will promote marriage

Evidence shows that redefining marriage actually undermines support for marriage in wider society. Neither has it delivered the promised stability for same-sex couples. In Spain, after gay marriage was introduced, marriage rates across the whole population plummeted. In the Netherlands too there has been a significant fall in the marriage rate since marriage was redefined. Same-sex marriage does not promote marriage.

I contacted the Campaign for Marriage to ask them for the underlying data to support this contention. I received no reply. I think this is very poor. If you are releasing claims like this you should offer the evidence for them with the claim.

That said, let us assume that the figures are correct (I will examine them when I receive them). If that is the case, does this not demonstrate that  the claim that gender-neutral marriage will help marriage in general is palpably false?

Peter’s Verdict

It’s been an interesting discussion. There is actually very little evidence that introducing gay marriage helps foster marriage amongst heterosexuals. At the same time, the claim that marriage rates plummeted in Spain after gay marriage was introduced rather misses the point that it was already falling beforehand AND the fall subsequent to gay marriage wasn’t any different.

Final Outcome – No-Score Draw

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