The Wilkinson B&B Ruling

The ruling on the Wilkinson B&B Case is out and you can read it below.

The verdict was that the Wilkinsons discriminated directly and indirectly against Black and Morgan. The judge essentially ruled that since the Wilkinsons did not question every heterosexual couple about their marital status and therefore let some unmarried couples stay in their rooms, they could not not then rely on the assumption that Black and Morgan were not in a civil partnership. Since they turned them away whereas they wouldn’t always turn away a heterosexual couple, they discriminated.

And the judge is right.

However, it does now indicate what the key test case would be. It’s certainly clear that no B&B could get away with putting up married couples but not civil partnered couples. However, what about a B&B that asked every couple staying whether they were married or in a civil partnership? If not, could they decline to offer them a room? Would love to see that one in the courts.

And whilst you’re chewing over that, have another read of these two old posts, Graeme Archer on this B&B case and my post on how to run a B&B.

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