Premier Radio – Different Coming Out Follow-Up

Premier RadioI appeared on Premier Radio on Saturday afternoon discussing the Christianity Magazine article from earlier this month. You can hear the whole thing below.


My discussion with Savi Hensman begins at 27 minutes.

2 Comments on “Premier Radio – Different Coming Out Follow-Up

  1. Savi’s endlessly-repeated mantra of ‘stable, committed, lifelong’ gay relationships is a telling caveat to the true picture of routine promiscuity in the gay world – even lifelong partnerships amongst MSM are extremely rarely ‘monogamous’ in the Christian sense, so share all
    the health risks that entails, not to mention the elevated rates of domestic violence and emotional distress such as substance abuse and depression suffered by actively gay people of both genders compared to the general population, even in gay-friendly cities like LA and Amsterdam.

    So ‘gay Christians’ endorsing an active gay lifestyle to others are a very poor role model for young Christians struggling with same-sex attraction to follow – they are very unlikely to find any such thing in any case. Hardly a loving stance for a Christian to take!

    Thought you did a good job, though, Peter.

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