Jersey – Letter from HG published in Evening Post

The open letter from HG was mentioned in the Jersey Evening Post last night, together with responses from the three “accused” men in the piece. Click on the photo for a larger version.
Jersey Evening Post - October 18thI’ve also discovered a video from a meeting in June this year where Philip Bailhache and Gavin Ashenden answer questions from the audience on the issue. The questioner in this clip is the blogger and former Senator Bob Hill and the video comes via the Voice of Children website. The video is interesting in the light of the allegations made by HG above.

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  1. Something is confusing me here … if HG is autistic, how can she now be ‘well’ as per the article/letter? Autism is not an illness that comes and goes …

    I’ve not been following this story, but have just read this post, so I don’t have an axe to grind, but something’s not right here.

    • I think there are broadly two views in this affair on the treatment of HG. The first is that because of her autism she was badly handled by Bob Key, the Jersey Police and Judicial System, the Diocese of Winchester and others (for eg Hampshire Police).
      The second is that because of her autism she couldn’t be helped. This view would say that despite HG’s protestations to the contrary, Bob Key and others DID try to help her as much as possible and in particular did try to help her progress her complaint. The reason the complaint failed in this perspective is not because it was not taken up but (i) it was found to have little substance that could be acted on, (ii) what actions the Church in Jersey could take WERE taken and (iii) HG (because of her autism) simply wouldn’t accept this outcome and when she then started harassing and physically threatening Bob Key, Michael Scott-Joynt and others events then took their natural legal course.
      I suspect that Dame Heather Steel’s inquiry may help get to the root as to which of these narratives is correct.

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