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Homosexuality and Paedophilia – A Link?

Given the recent fuss over what Andrea Minichiello Williams may or may not have said in Jamaica, I thought it would be interesting to explore what evidence there was, if any, of a link between homosexuality and paedophilia. As always,

Andrea Minichiello Williams in Jamaica

A story about Andrea Minichiello Williams of Christian Concern has been making some traction over the past few days. The website BuzzFeed has the following report. During her remarks, Andrea Minichiello Williams of the United Kingdom’s Christian Concern said Jamaica


Over the weekend I’ve been pointed to a fascinating website. Before you click through if you’re at work, be aware that I consider it a perfectly safe site but you probably want to wait until you’re home to view it.


Warning – this is one of those posts where I write something that can easily be misunderstood. Read everything I have to say before responding to just one section. Ready? An article in today’s Guardian has caused a bit of

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