Month: April 2007


Hat-tip my bro.

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Blog changes

I’m going to be making some significant changes to the layout of this website over the next few evenings. You might see the blog moving back and forward from the old to the new as I work it all out.

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Gay Mass in 30 minutes time!!

Yes, the BBC in another brilliant move of not doing anything deliberately controversial in their religious broadcasting, is about to broadcast a Sunday Morning Service from a Roman Catholic church in SF that is massively pro-gay. Ruth has more: As

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Free Champagne!!!

Possibly… The wonderful and highly generous Ruth Gledhill is giving away a free bottle of champagne to the lucky poster who puts comment number 10,000 on her Times blog. Why don’t you go over there and tell her what a

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How NOT to do your Election leaflet

I’ll leave this to Guido: Busharat Ali is the Labour candidate in Lawrence Hill ward, Bristol. He didn’t like being attacked in a LibDem leaflet over Iraq. He responded with a leaflet claiming: “I was on the National March in

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Sex Abuse and the Correct Response

You can’t have failed to have noticed today that a former choirmaster was jailed today for sexual abuse on choirboys decades ago, but which the church “swept under the carpet”. The abuse happened between 1985 and 1990, but despite some

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