Are you Ready?

Just finished tomorrow’s sermon for the Baptism Service (“Don’t be Guilty in Christ” – Col 2:13-15) and I’m reminded that there’s loads of people put there (and in church tomorrow morning with the baptismal parties) who don’t know Christ and are still guilty outside of him. Makes me want to play this again…

Who’d buy an iPhone?

I can’t see what all the fuss is about. This next product from the iPeople seems much more exciting.

hat-tip Cranmer

Disco Jesus

I kid you not…

Nativity musical role for Idol star

Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus is to appear in a disco version of the nativity story, it has been announced.

The Scots singer will play Mary in Discotivity, which sees the story of the birth of Jesus transformed into a panto-style production set . . . → Read More: Disco Jesus

Sunday’s Sermon – Videos

For those who want to see again the videos I made for Sunday’s sermon at Christ Church, here are the offending articles. For everybody else I think you’ll understand where I’m going with it all.


If you’re going to debate doctrine, then debate doctrine

I’ve spent a part of yesterday and today listening online to the Canadian Anglican Synod debate same-sex blessings. The debate so far has been on the following motion which passed (amended, but not substantially) an hour or so ago. What struck me, just as the debate finished, is how off-topic all the speeches were. Here’s . . . → Read More: If you’re going to debate doctrine, then debate doctrine

Silver Ring Thing?

I’ve refrained from blogging on this until the case was heard, but I’m sure you’ve all already heard about Lydia Playfoot’s attempt to wear a little bit of silver to school. The school argued that the ring, purchased from the Silver Ring Thing (which her parents now help run), contravened their jewelry policy. Lydia is . . . → Read More: Silver Ring Thing?

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If you believe what you like in the gospels, and reject what you don't like, it is not the gospel you believe, but yourself.
Augustine of Hippo


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