Month: July 2007

Exclusive – More on the Hereford Discrimination Case

I’ve been sent an internal Church of England document that indicates that both Hereford and Lambeth Palace are taking the tribunal ruling terribly seriously and that Church House isn’t quite panicking yet but is certainly in a bit of a

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Cranmer and Gene Robinson

I was going to blog on the latest interview with Gene Robinson but His Grace beat me to it. Gay priests are the ‘backbone of the Church’ So says the Bishop of New Hampshire, the Right Rev Gene Robinson, who

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Why Pachelbel’s Canon isn’t cool (apparently)

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Saturday Humour

In think I went to school with Wilhelm.

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Wow, wow, wow!!! Hat-tip Cat

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Giles Fraser is wrong (again)

It gets a bit tedious at times, but nevertheless the first thing I do almost every Friday when the post comes is to turn to Fraser’s column in the Church Times. I like to start the weekend annoyed and this

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