Month: October 2007

Luther – The Skinny

You may have noticed that today is Reformation Day. In order to help you understand it, I offer the following education: Now is that much more informative then a polka? I think so…

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Science Committee MP break ranks on Abortion.

As further to the below, Nadine Dorries, an MP sitting on the Science and Technology Select Committee that decided there was no case to lower the current 24 week limit on abortions in the UK, has issued a minority report,

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40 Years of Child Murder

Given that Gayle and I are now expecting our first child, the issue of abortion is one that is more pertinent to our lives than ever before. This week is the 40th Anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act, and since

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Christmas Tree Decorations

Aren’t these just the best thing for hanging on the tree? Who wants to buy me one? The top-ranking clergymen in the Church of England will be hanging on Christmas trees all across the realm this year. The gift and

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“But I’m Gay!”

An interesting article from a secular perspective: We’ve all heard the heartwarming stories-women and men who, after years of oppression, repression, and fear, realize or admit that they are gay and come out of the closet. In a culture that

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The Wonders of Technology

How fantastic is this? My new laptop (running Vista Home Premium) has bluetooth enabled so the moment my new phone (Nokia 6120) comes anywhere near it it automatically does a synchronisation. No cables, no buttons to press. Automatically. Almost as

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