Month: February 2008

Apostolic Faith

Some lovely thinking from Ft. John Behr Taught by the Apostles – What is the truth about Jesus? Ask those who knew his earliest followers, said Irenaeus. by Fr. John Behr from Issue 96: The Gnostics Hunger for Secret Knowledge

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Why Liberalism Sucks

A wonderful video doing the rounds that demonstrates very clearly that the liberal "gospel" brings no comfort.

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God, Gays and the Church – A Brief Review

A number of people both on and off this blog have asked me repeatedly what my opinion of the book “God, Gays and the Church” is? As you know, the book was published on Wednesday and includes the first public

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28 Weeks and Heartbeat!!!

Before we begin, if you want to hear Baruch’s heartbeat, click the play button below!! How cool is that? [display_podcast] Right, back to business. Baruch is 28 weeks. You’re in the home stretch. The third trimester typically starts at week

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Some Thoughts on the Covenant Debate

Yesterday I spent a large part of the day at General Synod including observing some of the debates. The last one of the day was on the response to the St Andrews Draft of the Covenant. As well as people

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God, Gays and the Church

From Anglican Mainstream Orthodox Anglicans make a new contribution to the homosexuality debate within the Church of England, by launching a book containing testimonies of Christians who once believed they had a homosexual orientation, but now live happy and fulfilled

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