• tallandrew

    Suarez -hero or cheat. What do you think?

  • Cheat.

    Football should learn from rugby and adopt three things.

    1. Technology to see if a line was crossed

    2. Penalty goal when the foul actually stopped a certain goal.

    3. 10 minute sin bin for a yellow card.

  • But how would the video umpire be used without interrupting play, I like the humanness of umpires on the field.

  • Peter, my list of games to predict has an Argentina-Spain semi. I don't think that's right…..

  • Philip Cole

    Many people here in South Africa, me included, are angry about the cheating Uruguayans, who took out Africa's last representatives in the World Cup. They'll be lots of support or the Dutch tonight! Go the Oranje!

  • Bump.

  • How many times have you predicted more with heart than head? It is not the way I try to live my Christian life but sometimes passion and bias take over in my predictions as sometimes they do in life. The difference is that the latter is often sin, the former may be poor judgement only. So for the final I am with heart not head.

  • Although you know how those silly Hollywood movies end with "just follow your heart." What if you've got heart burn? (BTW Peter has the prize been announced? Blog post about any theological topic of winner's choice?)

    • As a pharmacist I have a dispensary full of remedies for the physical heartburn. For the spiritual, I recommend confession of sin.

    • Yeah, I think that's a good prize. For starters.

      Just 'cos you've a good chance of winning…

  • Just copy Paul the Octopus – works for me! ;-) (Although, truthfully, said creature always picks the team on his left, suggesting he's more a liberal/socialist Octopus than a psychic one :))

  • Right folks – two games to go. If Luke can maintain a 12 pt lead going into the final then he will be automatically declared the winner. Final push now…

  • Paul the Octopus has predicted the winner of the World Cup Final, and has gone for…….SPAIN! :) Not sure if the 3rd place play off (aka The Loser's Final) is beneath him ;)

  • And we have a winner!!!

    With one game to go, Luke has an unassailable lead of 20 points. Well done Luke!

    There are still five players who could take the 2nd place spot, so tonight's game is still vitally important. In the meantime, Luke needs to be thinking about the prize he suggested in the first place.

  • Thanks Peter for organizing the comp! I'll get the prize topic to you tomorrow Australia-time.

  • tallandrew

    I'm already looking forward to the PeterOuld Euro 2012 competition and i'm also looking forward to finished higher than third bottom. (Please tell me I don't get relegated)

    I've another idea – how about one of these prediction things for every Premier league weekend! ;)

    • Amen and one for The Championship too please. No Octopus allowed.

  • I didn't need an octopus, I just followed my heart. (I've sent my prize-topic-request through Peter.)