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  • Fr. J

    Peter, are you a creationist? (no judgement implied, I’m just curious since you posted that video.)

    • Peter Ould

      Less a Creationist, more a man who knows the deep fundamental flaws macro-evolution has.

      • Fr. J

        Well, now, I believe this deserves its own post. :)

        • Peter Ould


      • Ryan

        Perhaps because, rather than using properly scientific terminology like speciation, the goalposts have been moved by creationists on what “macro-evolution” does and does not constitute as the evidence for evolution becomes ever more overwhelming?

        And of course even the evidence for evolution was not overwhelming (it is), that would not make another theory necessarily ideal, let alone raise up a religious dogma like Intelligent Design to the status of “science”. And ID is indeed a religious dogma, not a falsifiable theory; c.f. the verdict of the Judge in the Dover County trial (who was, for the record, a Bush-appointed conservative). And of course the C of E per se is hardly a creationist contrast to those science-accepting dodgy Catholics.

        Ironic also that the video has a pop at Islam. America’s scientific community very much does “accept” evolution:

        whereas Islamic theocracies are the only “exceptions” to the world-wide scientific consensus.

  • ryan

    Perhaps it’s worth noting that the Vatican accepting evolution is probably not unrelated to its past persecution of Gallileo and that acceptance of scientific fact – like evolution – late in the day still compares favourably with the reality-denying creationists?

  • William

    ‘I know nothing of the views of any here present; but I have met educated persons who, while they might laugh at the men who refused to look through a telescope lest they should learn something they did not like, yet also themselves commit the very same folly. I have met persons who utterly refuse to listen to any view concerning the origin of man other than that of a perfect primæval pair in a garden, and I am constrained to say this much: Take heed lest some prophet, after having excited your indignation at the follies and bigotry of a bygone generation, does not turn upon you with the sentence: “Thou art the man.” ’

    OLIVER LODGE, Pioneers of Science (1893), Lecture V: Galileo and the Inquisition

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