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The Roman Catholic Letter

Here it is, the letter to be read out in all Roman Catholic churches in the country this Sunday. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ, This week the Coalition Government is expected to present its consultation paper on the

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Reformation Day

And the funny…

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Benediction Modern Stylee

Speaks for itself. H/T Eddie Green

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Recurrent Miscarriage

Great video on how Christians should approach this experience. One thing that has struck me since losing Zachary (though obviously not through a miscarriage) is the number of people I meet who have lost children. It is the unspoken grief

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Jonathan Daugherty on Sexual Addiction

A superb interview with Jonathan Daugherty on sexual addiction. I particularly like his description of walking out into a field with his friend to view porn for the first time – he describes the awakening of sexual understanding at a

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HMD 11

Just sent this text to a good friend of mine who has achieved much in these past twelve months, but whose life ultimately is an act of mercy from God. Praying that you get one significant moment today to remember,

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