5 Comments on “Fundamentals of Christology

  1. and, of course, the implicit point you are making, is the justification of 1 Tim 2:12 and 1 Cor 14:35 (just think of the shame if she’d asked that question in church!)

    • Tim Butt comments: “(just think of the shame if she’d asked that question in church!)”

      that’s why Paul says that women should be silent in the assembly (although I believe he had older women in mind).

      • Wolf is quite right to flag the older women. Just think, if belly buttons preoccupy the younger women, what on earth might preoccupy the older women? The things they might talk about and the questions they might have – no wonder Paul tells them to keep silent in the assembly!

  2. Boy!! You take these things so seriously!! It was just a light early morning exchange that I initiated to draw my husband into conversation..! The context was really whether Jesus exactly represents the second Adam, since Jesus has a bellybutton and Adam didn’t…!! ;P
    And thanks, Wolf – I’m of the younger variety, so I’ll keep up with my jaw exercises!! :)

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