Saturday Question

Who said the following?

I call myself a Christian. I believe in Jesus, I believe in what Jesus did and in the absolution of sins. I believe that he put himself on the cross to take away human sins, in order to give people the opportunity to get to God through him.

I believe that’s the fundamental faith. You can argue about Christianity with people that aren’t believers, but in the end it’s pointless because it’s all about faith. There’s a lot that you can’t answer in a rational way.

I very much believe it is about faith and a relationship with Jesus and with God. I think that’s the fundamental point of Christianity.

Any ideas? Want a clue? Click the play button below…

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  1. Well, perhaps a female pop star will one day make a video about the Ould boys called, “That’s What I Go to Church For.”

    I’m way too old and broken down, but there might be hope for you lads.

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