Sexuality Essays

I’m starting a process of putting some of my essays on Sexuality online for all to read and rip apart. They represent my aggregate thinking on sexuality over the past few years.

The links are to pdf files of the pieces. If you’re having difficulty reading the pdf files, download the latest version of Acrobat Reader here.

Here they are:

10 Comments on “Sexuality Essays

  1. Thanks for doing this, Peter. I really appreciate your writings. (Of course, I don’t have time to actually read this right now… but, I will get around to it.)

  2. Rip apart?! Surely not… I mean, who on earth haunts others’ blogs, only commenting when he disagrees…. *ahem* :)
    Thanks for posting these, Peter. (The pdf thingy works for me by the way). I think it should be acknowledged that in posting essays like these, you’re making yourself vulnerable in ways that many of us don’t or wouldn’t. Obviously have only run my eyes over most of the texts so far. Might comment below as there doesn’t seem to be a comment window beneath the two pdfs.
    in friendship, Blair

  3. The Homosexuality across the Scriptures one doesn’t work for me. I just get that wee picture in the top left hand corner that occurs when an image fails to load correctly.

  4. Never mind, Peter. They both work fine in Safari. The Acrobat Installer put the plug-in there. That problem should be easy enough to fix. Thanks again for posting these.

  5. Peter, I too would like access to these – and I can imagine others too with this problem.  Embedded pdf’s like these aren’t common, probably relying on a “proprietary” tag or format.  You should be able to just put up a link to the pdf’s as well after the embedded pdf’s, that would do it – like

    I hate to be picky like this but your stuff is just too good to be lost on folks that don’t have a specific browser setup.

  6. Let me see what I can do about that James. I presume you already have Acrobat Reader installed when the plugin didn’t work?

    Thanks for the comment.

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