Prayer works..

It’s obvious to us as Christians that prayer works. Reuben’s birth illustrates this point very well:

As Peter is curate of our church, we as a couple are listed in the church diary as a topic for prayer. When we saw the quarterly prayer diary when it was issued back in March we noticed that the church was asked to pray for us on 9th May; at the time, Peter made a comment that it would be funny if our child was born on that day… As it turns out, it was 9th May that we went into labour and Reuben arrived the following morning! Not just coincidence!

Also, it’s very interesting to look at the statistics of our antenatal class (all the girls have now popped!). Of the eight girls, four (50%) had C-sections, two (25%) were delivered by forceps and/or ventouse, one had to be induced, and we were the only natural birth amongst them! I personally take that to indicate the sovereignty of God over our labour and Reuben’s birth, a child who’s pregnancy was smothered in prayer throughout the nine months. I know the adjective ‘wonderful’ isn’t often applied to childbirth, but that is how we would describe our labour and birth experience! God has blessed us with a little boy, and blessed Peter and I with an experience we will never forget!

These aren’t just coincidences, but instead God-incidents…

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